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Dry lubricant and release agent in aerosol cans.

Dry lubricant and release agent - aerosol

Dry lubricant and release agent. ODC free. Coats and lubricates with a clean, tough, semi-transparent shield. Eliminates sticking, binding, squeaking. Apply to metal, wood, plastic, glass, rubber -- anywhere sticking is a problem. Telcon resists temperatures to 500ºF, repels water and oil, and will not collect dust or dirt. Telcon makes things work smoothly. No noticeable transfer from mold to part; coatable. Contains no silicones.

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As a release agent, use for: epoxies, phenolics, polyurethanes, rubber, resin impregnated fabrications; injection molding applications. As a dry lubricant, use on: screws, nuts, and bolts; door latches, hinges, locks; drill bits, cutting tools, saw blades; lathes and power tool guides, ways and beds; bindery machinery; pipe threads and hose couplings; pulleys; bearings; equipment linkages; slide mechanisms; windows.

FEATURES (Telcon aerosol)

  • High-tech formula
  • Contains Teflon®-like active ingredient
  • Dry film formula
  • Adheres extremely well and maintains viscosity for maximum protection
  • Superior lubrication, reduces friction and wear. Helps machine parts run efficiently for long service life.
  • Dries quickly. Will not run off. Resists oil, water, dirt, and dust.
  • Speeds molding or pressing cycle
  • Reduces rejects
  • Extends mold life
  • Eliminates post-finishing preparation
  • Eliminates build-up problems
  • Handy, efficient aerosol packaging for user who does not have a work load requiring the heavier solids formulation of bulk packaging.


As a release agent, use for:

  • epoxies
  • phenolics
  • polyurethanes
  • rubber
  • resin impregnated fabrications

As a dry lubricant, use on:

  • screws, nuts, and bolts
  • door latches, hinges, locks
  • drill bits, cutting tools, saw blades
  • lathes and power tool guides, ways and beds
  • bindery machinery
  • pipe threads and hose couplings

As an anti-spatter, spray on:

  • welding nozzles and tips
  • spatter zone

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